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    Union affiliation details and terms

    Thank you for considering affiliating to our tenants union. Your donation will be put to work fighting for tenants rights, with hard hitting campaigns for improvements to the housing situation of low income people across Scotland. With your help we will be building support for the trade union movement among those members of the public who might not otherwise support unions, or be part of a union. 

    How to affiliate

    To affiliate please fill in this quick formwhich also has details of how to pay the fee

    We have a sample affiliation motion for trade union branches, to help in getting a motion for affiliation passed by your branch. We can do our best to provide a speaker from our union to come along to a branch meeting where you are discussing affiliation. 

    What does affiliation mean?

    We will list your union or organisation as one of those that supports our aims and work. We may refer to your affiliation in in our publications. We will use your logo and branch name on an affiliation page on our website, and in some communications, please let us know if you don’t want us to do this.  Your organisation will be a non-voting member, but you will be invited to our AGM. We provide a regular newsletter with news updates and events, to enable your members to get involved. We will do our best to provide speakers for your branch meetings and pickets. We can often publicise your events among our members. We offer our solidarity and mutual aid wherever we can. 

    • We are extremely busy, and mainly volunteers, so please be patient with us. We will do our best to keep up our communications, and send speakers along to meetings, but depending on our workload this might not always be possible.

    Financial contributions

    We have a sliding scale of donations on our affiliation form, depending on the size of your branch/section. However if your branch can’t afford as much, or could afford more, this is very welcome also. It is a yearly contribution. 

    • Union organisation size, suggested minimum annual fee
      • 1 to 250 members £50
      • 251 to 1000 members £100
      • 1000 to 5000 members £150
      • 5000 to 20,000 members £200
      • 20,001 or more members £500

    In-kind contributions 

    In addition to financial contributions we are always looking for other kinds of support, including: 

    • Publicising our events and activities among your members
    • Cheap or free office space for our staff team
    • Meeting space for our members
    • Old laptops for staff and members
    • Old tablet computers, for our members and staff doing door-to-door outreach
    • Printing or photocopying flyers and posters


    • We do not accept affiliations from political parties, or their subdivisions, or from landlord or letting agency organisations. 

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    our structure


    We are organised from the bottom up. We build branches - usually in a neighbourhood - where people organise to take action quickly on local issues. These branches elect their leadership, a committee who is accountable to local members but also to the wider vision of the union. When there are enough local branches in a town or region, they form a city or regional forum to coordinate their campaigns and actions between the branches. 

    Branches work together on national campaigns, through the national forum. The National Committee, which is composed of tenants elected by the annual general meeting as well as co-opted members, is  legally responsible for the organisation and ensures that the organisation respects its values, the strategic directions given by its members and that it has good governance. 

    We have active branches across the country. You can check out the events near you and get in touch if you want to build you own branch.

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    What we do


    Living Rent is a mass-membership organisation of low-middle income renters, working and fighting together to win concrete improvements to our daily lives and put political and economic power back where it belongs – in the hands of ordinary people. In short, we are a union.

    In any town or city, we build the union from scratch, by people working, taking action, campaigning and winning together. We’ve stopped evictions, won tens of thousands in repairs and compensations from landlords and letting agents as well as major improvements in the law. By building tenant power and challenging landlords collectively, we not only win for our members but we also fight for a housing and a political system that puts people before profit.

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    about living rent


    Living Rent is Scotland’s tenants’ union. We are a democratic organisation run by and for our members. We organise and represent our members in the private and social rented sector. We fight for safe, secure and affordable housing for everyone. We are not affiliated to any political party.

    Living Rent is a fully mutual Company Limited by Guarantee 

    Our company number is: SC505467

    Our Registered Office is: 617, 12 South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1DD

    Here is a copy of our Articles of Association

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    Living Rent’s training program: Fighting for the future

    In 2020, Living Rent doubled in size with neighbourhood branches organising across Edinburgh and Glasgow and groups forming across Scotland. The year 2021 presents us with great challenges,  notably the combined impact of Brexit and the Covid pandemic on our communities, as well as significant opportunities to fight for the future we deserve and need, whether that be pushing for our demands in the Scottish elections or standing for a socially and environmentally ambitious transition at the COP26 in Glasgow. Supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Living Rent is organising training to support tenants and residents to hone their skills and understandings,  in order to best seize these opportunities.

    Sessions are open to all, with a focus on supporting Living Rent’s members to feel empowered to take up action in their branches and groups. Training sessions cover introductions to Living Rent for all new members, organisational, campaigning and communications skills, member defence, and political education regarding the context of housing politics in Scotland with a focus on the history of social housing, the tenants’ movement in Scotland and community powers in Scotland. 

    Each session is independent and geared towards specific skills - you can come to one or to all of them. We strongly encourage branch officers to come to sessions related to their roles. Thorough planning and strategising, good organisation, effective member defence and clear communications all take practice, more practice and more practice. Come learn with fellow union members!

    Each session is between ninety minutes and two hours long with a break included and takes place on Zoom, an online conference tool. Please register for each session on the Living Rent website - links below.  If you have any questions around registration, the content, how to access these trainings or how to run a branch-specific one, contact Emma at [email protected]

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    Recruitment: Living Rent is recruiting a remote organiser
    Posted by · April 04, 2021 11:20 AM

    GHA tenants organise against rent hike!
    Posted by · March 26, 2021 1:27 PM

    Airbnb's "community organising"
    Posted by · March 25, 2021 9:14 AM

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    Upcoming Events

    Here are our upcoming events

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    Against Cube's Rent Rises

    Wyndford and Broomhill Tenants Unions’: We oppose Cube's rent rises

    119 signatures

    Cube housing has put around a rent consultation stating it plans to raise rents by 3.4%, 3.9% or 4.4%.

    Cube have hidden that tenants can also refuse to raise rents, by only allowing this option on its webform, hidden behind multiple clicks.

    This option was not included in Cube’s paper mailout, which was sleekit. Over the past ten years rents have gone up and up. Wages have not, and
    those in receipt of benefits have been hammered.

    We do not agree with rents going up at this time.

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    Become a member, join here


    If you wish to donate to us, check this page out for more information

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    Volunteer for Rent Controls!

    Thanks for signing the petition!

    Thats the first step in our campaign, and will be very influential with the council, but it won't be enough by itself!

    We need people like yourself to get active: sharing things on social media, writing to politicians, arranging meetings, and coming to protests.

    Would you like to get active to make rent controls for Edinburgh a reality?

    Become a volunteer

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    Sorely needed!

    Winter Break


    1,603 signatures

    This year, let’s prevent any new deaths on the street. Let’s have a #WinterBreak for evictions in Scotland.


    Shelter Scotland estimate that 5,000 people sleep rough on Scotland's streets throughout the year. The main route to homelessness is the loss of a tenancy. In Glasgow alone, 39 people died between May 2016 and March 2017. This risk is far higher in the winter. And this situation is completely avoidable.


    In France since December 1956, there has been a “winter break’’ to help protect residents from being thrown out into the cold from the 1st of November until the 31st of March. This covers all tenants, people in temporary accommodation, and people living in any temporary shelters from being evicted or such temporary structures from being destroyed.

    The “winter break” law helps reduce the risk of people having to sleep rough during the winter, and reduces winter deaths. Help us win this for people in Scotland too.


    We are calling on the Scottish Government to implement a similar law against evictions during the winter. We do not want anyone sleeping rough this winter and any more winter deaths in Scotland.


    We want a #WinterBreak for evictions in Scotland.


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    Member defence has been really successful in Glasgow, lets get it happening through here in Edinburgh! :)

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    We have loads of campaigns and activity going on all the time, get stuck in!