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Who are we?

Living Rent is Scotland’s tenants’ union.

We are a democratic organisation run by and for tenants.

  • We want homes for people, not for profit
  • To redress the power imbalance between landlords and tenants
  • Ensure that everyone has decent and affordable housing.
  • We believe in the collective power of tenants to come together to fight for their rights,
  • Use diverse tactics – including direct action when necessary – to achieve this.

We are not affiliated to any political party, but recognise the importance of influencing parties and politicians and holding them to account.

We have regular meetings in Edinburgh, Glasgow and are looking to set up branches accross the country. If you’re interested in getting involved please get in touch!

  • Latest from the blog

    Work for Living Rent

    Passionate about social justice? Organising experience under your belt? Living Rent is looking for an experienced organiser to lead our staff team and grow the organisation. We believe in starting local, focusing on building up neighbourhood level branches of paying members that can then take on campaigns using a wide range of tactics including direct action.
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    Reaction to Scottish Government's programme of government

    "Rent controls only solution to tenant hardship after coronavirus." Living Rent welcomes the Scottish government’s introduction of the £10m hardship loan fund for tenants struggling during these time. However, we fear that with such a fund, there is nothing stopping landlords from simply raising rent once they know that this fund is available to tenants. The only way to properly support tenants during this pandemic is the introduction of rent controls.   
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  • Upcoming events

    Know Your Rights (And Enforce 'em)

    When: Friday, September 18, 2020 at 06:00 PM
    Where: Zoom

    Online Member Defence session on knowing and enforcing our right to safe, secure, affordable housing.
    Living Rent Member Defence teams fight and win on issues of eviction, arrears and disrepair everyday. They rely on the experience and time of Living Rent members in order to effectively defend housing rights.
    Join this session to:
    1) learn about current housing law,
    2) help build a vision of where the law needs improved and
    3) find out how you can support yourself and your neighbours
    More details to follow.
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    Who's attending
    Rob Bazaral Silas Lehane Vivek Santayana tilly alexander hallworth Linda Perry Emily Cunningham Fionn O'Shea Nick Werren John Woods Ashley Mclean bethan m-r Mike Williamson Eve Brandon Adam Dransfield Tom Robinson Elle Glenny Rosie Hampton Jack Hanington

    Member Induction - Glasgow

    When: Saturday, September 19, 2020 at 01:00 PM
    Where: Held online using Zoom

    Member by member Living Rent is growing stronger. If you have recently joined, looking to get more involved or want to understand the union's history, vision and structure better, come along to this member induction!

    The induction covers:
    - An introduction to Living Rent
    - The structure: branches, teams and roles
    - Getting involved and next steps

    We’ll start at 1pm sharp so come 5 minutes early :)

    Zoom link:
    Meeting ID: 953 0096 7706

    Get to grips with the vision of Living Rent and be part of building one of the most exciting grassroots unions in Scotland.

    *This induction is for Glasgow based members.*

    Who's attending
    Benjamin Cerinus David Ainley Calum McIntosh Kaya Erdinç Adam Dransfield Nikki Barnett
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    Join Living Rent

    Block by block, and street by street we are building Scotland's Tenants' Union.

    But we can't do it without your support.

    People + Organisation = Power

    We believe that every tenant deserves safe, affordable housing – free from unjust rent increases, discrimination, and eviction. The only way for us to make sure this happens, is to get organised.

    We are bringing together people across the country to make sure that: (1) we can hold landlords, housing associations and letting agents to account; (2) we have a strong voice in shaping local and national policy; and (3) we have the power to stand up for our rights. We believe in the power of being a democratic and accountable organisation: this is why we operate on a membership model. 

    With the limited resources we have, our union does a tremendous amount, and it is people like you who make this possible. If you share our values, please join today! This helps us becomes financially sustainable and to be accountable to you.

    The suggested rate is 1 hour of your wages per month, however everyone's circumstances are different so we trust you to pick the right subscription rate for you.

    To change your subscription, or for more information, please contact