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Living Rent is Scotland’s tenants’ union. We are a democratic organisation run by and for our members. We organise and represent our members in the private and social rented sector. We fight for safe, secure and affordable housing for everyone. We are not affiliated to any political party.

Living Rent is a fully mutual Company Limited by Guarantee 

Our company number is: SC505467

Our Registered Office is: 617, 12 South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1DD

Here is a copy of our Articles of Association

Living Rent is a mass-membership organisation of low-middle income renters, working and fighting together to win concrete improvements to our daily lives and put political and economic power back where it belongs – in the hands of ordinary people. In short, we are a union.

In any town or city, we build the union from scratch, by people working, taking action, campaigning and winning together. We’ve stopped evictions, won tens of thousands in repairs and compensations from landlords and letting agents as well as major improvements in the law. By building tenant power and challenging landlords collectively, we not only win for our members but we also fight for a housing and a political system that puts people before profit.

We are organised from the bottom up. We build branches - usually in a neighbourhood - where people organise to take action quickly on local issues. These branches elect their leadership, a committee who is accountable to local members but also to the wider vision of the union. When there are enough local branches in a town or region, they form a city or regional forum to coordinate their campaigns and actions between the branches. 

Branches work together on national campaigns, through the national forum. The National Committee, which is composed of tenants elected by the annual general meeting as well as co-opted members, is  legally responsible for the organisation and ensures that the organisation respects its values, the strategic directions given by its members and that it has good governance. 

We have active branches across the country. You can check out the events near you and get in touch if you want to build you own branch.