Block by Block: Building Tenant Power

Block by block, street by street, Living Rent is building the base for tenant power in Glasgow. Join us for our first Annual General Meeting since our founding in 2017 and become part of the fastest growing union in the country! Continue reading

6 Blocks - high-rise Council tenants speak out

Our members in Muirhouse have published a newsletter to rally support for their campaign, check it out!  

Update on the Serco campaign

Glasgow member George talks us through the last couple of weeks in the campaign against Serco's illegal evictions. Continue reading

One week, One city, One Tenants’ Union, One Global Multinational, 300 illegal evictions

One week, One city, One Tenants’ Union, One Global Multinational, 300 illegal evictions   Continue reading

International solidarity for Tenants and Asylum Seekers resisting Serco evictions

International solidarity for Tenants and Migrants resisting Serco evictions   Different collectives across the Spanish state raise our voice in solidarity with migrant and tenant struggles in Glasgow. Continue reading

Serco postpone evictions in face of huge neighbourhood fightback

Hundreds Pledge to Defend the Doors Against Serco Evictions Continue reading

Living Rent Glasgow statement on Serco evictions

Living Rent Glasgow statement on SERCO evictions   The situation we are facing in Glasgow today must be seen as a turning point, or we else must turn it into one. Continue reading

Fires out but we are still counting the cost

The fires have been out for 5 weeks now but the end of the Mac is not the end of the nightmare for the tenants. Continue reading

Update on Rent Pressure Zones

There is a clear public consensus in favour of rent controls. The Scottish Government's own consultation showed that, and poll after poll has confirmed it. Tenants up and down the country are struggling desperately to make ends meet, while rents continue to spiral out of control. Our own survey in Edinburgh has showed that tenants spend 40% of their income on rent, which is preventing them from saving for deposits – an issue which has been highlighted across the country. Continue reading

Living Rent will be marching against Trump's UK visit

Living Rent members will be marching at the anti-Trump demonstration on the 14th of July. Continue reading