Negotiating Rent with your Union by your Side

Maria and Martha, two Member Defence Representatives, report back from their work fighting for rent reductions and suspensions during the Covid-19 outbreak. Continue reading

Edinburgh City Council Flout Fire Safety In Muirhouse High Rise

City of Edinburgh council are putting their tenants’ lives at risk by failing to repair defective fire doors in the Oxcars Court Council high-rise in Muirhouse. The Fire Brigade have stated they are sending officers to investigate.   Continue reading

Open Letter: Protect renters now

Today, three of the UK’s biggest tenants unions - ACORN, Living Rent and London Renters Union - released an open letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Chancellor Rishi Sunak, and the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government Robert Jenrick. In the letter, backed by academics, civil society and union leaders, the groups make three demands on the UK government: to suspend all rent immediately; to cancel all rent debt; and to put in place stronger protections against eviction. Continue reading

Hygiene - our letter to Kevin Stewart

Our open letter to Kevin Stewart regarding Covid-19 hygeine measures and our report on the lack of compliance among social landlords in Scotland. Continue reading

Tenants left without basic Cleaning Services by leading Housing Associations across Scotland

Since Scotland began lockdown on 23 March we have been repeatedly told we must do everything we can to ‘stop the spread’, so why have leading housing associations left our most vulnerable tenants without basic cleaning services and where does the buck stop? Continue reading

Housing Action Day 2020

On March 28th, 2020, tenants across Scotland came together, showing the government and landlords that during a global pandemic, they won't be silenced.  Continue reading

Together we stand, together we win

These are uncertain times: we do not know how long the lockdown will last, we fear for our loved ones, and we are being left in the dark regarding our incomes, rents and future. In these moments, seeing people across Scotland stand up for each other and organise for this crisis not to hurt us more has been incredible. You demonstrate every day that in union, there is strength. Shout-out to all of yous who have contacted your MSP to ask for a ban on evictions as well as those of you who have joined local neighbourhood Living Rent groups to organise a response to the pandemic. Every day, we are building power through this crisis and holding our government and our landlords to account, ensuring that our rights and our safety are protected. Continue reading

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