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    Are you 'very satisfied' with Partick Housing suspending all cleaning in a pandemic?

    Partick Housing has openly flouted government guidance on cleaning and hygiene for high density housing during the Covid-19 pandemic by suspending all close cleaning, because they appear to believe that they can get away with leaving their tenants in danger, as well as inaccurately claiming it doesn't apply to them.  Are you 'very satisfied' with that attitude?

    They state, "the information by the SG [Scottish Government] is indeed guidance, rather than legislation or regulations," in explaining why they continue to ignore their tenants' safety.

    They have also boasted that in suspending cleaning they have received "very few notes of dissatisfaction" about cleaning, and "no complaint" has been made about health and safety issues.

    We know that's not true, but how do you feel about it?  Please leave a comment if you are less than 'very satisfied' with ignoring hygiene guidance put in place to protect tenants.

    11 signature + any comment you want to make to partick housing.s
    Help us send them a clear message: 👊 Do your bit to help keep our communities safe from the virus. Stop putting lives at risk. 👊
    We demand that Partick Housing Association:
    📣 Carry out daily cleaning of high-contact areas.
    📣 Ensure that their contractors use PPE at all times.
    📣 Inform tenants regularly of how their health and safety are being ensured.

    For a full account of how Partick Housing Association have been putting their tenants' lives at risk:
    Add Signature + any comment you want to make to Partick Housing.

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