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Refund Dunedin Canmore residents for Service Charges

During the pandemic Dunedin Canmore tenants & shared owners did not receive services such as cleaning. You are owed this money. Living Rent members are demanding a full refund for all tenants and shared owners. 

1) Sign the petition 
2) Contact your housing officer asking for a full refund. 
3) Join your tenants union - 

33 signatures

Petition to Dunedin Canmore Housing Association Ltd.
Refund of Service Charges During the Pandemic

Tenants & Shared Owners of Dunedin Canmore are both disappointed to
have been charged for services not provided on account of the current pandemic which will have added to the financial burden residents have faced due to the pandemic.

We, the undersigned, would like to bring to attention both the urgency and unfairness of the current situation, and ask for reimbursement in full for undelivered services as a matter of priority for all tenants & shared owners.

We understand that some tenants and shared owners have been awarded a refund and would like to thank the housing officers who made this happen. This petition is agreed upon following signatories: and members of Living Rent, Scotland’s Tenants’ Union:

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