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Petition Against Eviction of Family by Govanhill Housing Association


Steven and his family are facing eviction from their Govanhill Housing Association flat where they have lived for four years. Despite a commitment from Steven to repay rent arrears which were accrued through a complex and difficult set of circumstances, Govanhill Housing Association have chosen to press ahead with eviction proceedings.

Living Rent is calling on this social landlord to negotiate a fair repayment plan with their tenant rather than putting this family out on the street in the midst of a pandemic.

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In 2019, after an incident endangered a family member, Steven's family was placed in temporary accomodation with the promise of being rehoused. Unfortunately, their wait for social housing while stuck in the grim conditions of a homeless hostel proved a long and challenging one. After several months, the family decided they had no option but to move back into the Govanhill property.

It was then Govanhill Housing Association informed Steven that they would be holding him liable for the rent arrears accrued over this period. As a result of these arrears, Govanhill Housing Association are now seeking to evict Steven's family from their home. An eviction order was granted without Steven even having an opportunity to speak on his behalf.

Last month, members of Living Rent's Govanhill branch joined Steven to deliver a letter to Govanhill Housing Association. The letter asked that Govanhill Housing Association meets with Stephen so that a fair and realistic repayment plan can be agreed. The social landlord refused even this simple request.

Steven and his union member defence team will continue to fight until this unjust eviction attempt is halted so that Steven and his family can be safe and secure in their home. 

Join more than a hundred of Steven’s neighbours by giving your support to this family. Sign the petition to demand Govanhill Housing Association meets with their tenant to negotiate a fair and reasonable repayment plan.

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Petition for Greater Investment from Glasgow City Council for Govanhill Cleansing Services

Too many streets and backcourts across Govanhill regularly become unsanitary and even hazardous. Years of budget cuts to cleansing services from Glasgow City Council have left them unfit to live and work around. The residents and cleansing workers of Govanhill stand together in our demand that Glasgow City Council increase their investment in cleansing services in the area.

2,013 signatures

We call for:

  1. An enhanced cleansing service involving a backcourt team to supplement the existing cleansing workforce. This team would be responsible for the cleansing of the entire backcourts rather than just the bin sets and bulk uplift items. This work was once done as part of the general cleansing service and the severity of the current situation calls for it to be brought back.
  2. Greater enforcement to crack down on flytipping and litter in the area
  3. A more targeted education programme on recycling and waste, including educational materials translated for those with English as their second language
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