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Stop Universal Credit evictions

Universal Credit doesn’t work and tenants shouldn’t have to pay the price!  

Universal Credit is causing rent arrears 

Citizens Advice Scotland says that, compared to the old benefits system, the ‘incidence of rent arrears is far higher amongst tenants receiving Universal Credit. Housing associations across the UK report that 73% of tenants on UC are in arrears, compared to 29% of others.’ The Scotsman reported in May, 2019 that ‘local authorities across Scotland are owed more than £20 million in rent arrears’ because of the roll-out of Universal Credit. 


...and forcing people into destitution and homelessness

A waiting time of five weeks or more, deductions from payments, sanctions, and inadequate payments are all part of the ‘Universal Credit experience’. Flaws in the system are leaving people short of money for food, clothes, transport, and rent. Destitution and homelessness is the outcome of universal credit. 


Tenants are already getting evicted

According to a report by Inside Housing, ‘Tenants on Universal Credit are more than twice as likely to be evicted as those using the [old] welfare system’.


But we can stop Universal Credit evictions! 

Living Rent, Scotland’s Tenants’ Union, is campaigning against Universal Credit evictions. We are putting pressure on Housing Associations, councils, and landlords to guarantee that no tenant will be evicted because of debts caused by Universal Credit. Don’t put up with a ‘welfare’ system that drives people into poverty and makes families homeless. 


You can help us stop it! Together, we are stronger - Join us today!

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