Living Rent’s training program: Fighting for the future

In 2020, Living Rent doubled in size with neighbourhood branches organising across Edinburgh and Glasgow and groups forming across Scotland. The year 2021 presents us with great challenges,  notably the combined impact of Brexit and the Covid pandemic on our communities, as well as significant opportunities to fight for the future we deserve and need, whether that be pushing for our demands in the Scottish elections or standing for a socially and environmentally ambitious transition at the COP26 in Glasgow. Supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Living Rent is organising training to support tenants and residents to hone their skills and understandings,  in order to best seize these opportunities.

Sessions are open to all, with a focus on supporting Living Rent’s members to feel empowered to take up action in their branches and groups. Training sessions cover introductions to Living Rent for all new members, organisational, campaigning and communications skills, member defence, and political education regarding the context of housing politics in Scotland with a focus on the history of social housing, the tenants’ movement in Scotland and community powers in Scotland. 

Each session is independent and geared towards specific skills - you can come to one or to all of them. We strongly encourage branch officers to come to sessions related to their roles. Thorough planning and strategising, good organisation, effective member defence and clear communications all take practice, more practice and more practice. Come learn with fellow union members!

Each session is between ninety minutes and two hours long with a break included and takes place on Zoom, an online conference tool. Please register for each session on the Living Rent website - links below.  If you have any questions around registration, the content, how to access these trainings or how to run a branch-specific one, contact Emma at [email protected]