Castlemilk Living Rent - End of 2021 Update; Plans for 2022! 

Upcoming Events January - March 2022

Sunday January 23rd: Member Defence Training Day @ The Jenniburn Centre, 12pm-3.30pm

Thursday January 27th: Cressdales Service Charge Campaign Planning @ The Birgidale Complex, 7-8.30pm 

Wednesday 2rd February: First 2022 Full Members Meeting @ Castlemilk Parish Church, 7-8.30pm

Late February: Outreach and Campaign Planning Training @ Venue, date and time TBA.

Wednesday 2nd March: Full Members Meeting @ Castlemilk Parish Church, 7-8.30pm

Late March: Chairperson and Spokesperson Training @ Venue, date and time TBA.

Updates on Castlemilk Living Rent Activity:

Post-Lockdown 2021: Moving Back to Door-to-Door Outreach
Since August 2021 Castlemilk Living Rent been able to move back to door-to-door community outreach, and in doing this have been building union membership across the neighbourhood. As a result, the union now has a spread of members who are tenants with GHA, Home Group, Thenue, North View, Craigdale and Cassiltoun Housing Associations. 

As well as resulting in more members joining the union, the conversations that Castlemilk tenants and residents have had on the doors with the union's neighbourhood organiser and local members have brought up a range of issues that they would like to see a neighbours fighting for collective improvement on; from wanting swing parks to be fixed and covered by neighbourhood cleansing services, to wanting the Housings to take responsibility for repairs, damp and mould in their housing stock, to demanding improved public transport links between Castlemilk and the rest of the city.

Door-to-door outreach will be starting up again in 2022. So, if you're yet to be chapped by the team they'll be in your area soon, ready to get you signed up to the union and hear about want to you want to fight for improvement on in the neighbourhood!

Castlemilk Member Defence:  Get Skilled-Up to Hold the Housing to Account in 2022!
Put simply Member Defence is about Living Rent members collectively organising to secure improvement on housing issues in their homes or blocks. Since restarting outreach Castlemilk Living Rent has open a number of member defence cases regarding damp, mould and disrepair in GHA homes. And members on the Cressdales are keen to starting organising to demand fair renegotiation of their maintenance service and charges.

Member Defence cases are fought and won by Living Rent members, not Living Rent staff. So, securing those wins means 1) knowing how to write union letter and decide on your strategy 2) plan direct action, 3 learn how to negotiate with the Housing!  And on Sunday January 23rd 2022 12-3.30pm in the Lesser Hall @ the Jenniburn Centre Castlemilk Living Rent will be running a Member Defence Training, where all members will have the opportunity to learn these skills! 

Over the first half of the year, members aim to establish a Castlemilk Member Defence Team that has the skills to find cases and, plan strategy and action that can win them, and run a regular Member Defence Session to work on open cases together.

Regular Castlemilk Living Rent Members Meetings in 2022: Choosing a Neighbourhood Campaign and Building the Branch 
As of November 2021, Castlemilk Living Rent has moved back to having in person meetings. They are the on the first Wednesday of every month (January being the exception) and are held @ Castlemilk Parish Church, Dougrie Rd, 7-8.30pm.  Members meetings are open to members from across the neighbourhood, and other residents who are interested in meeting members, learning about the union, and deciding if they want to join. 

In 2022 the aim of these meetings will be for members to come together on a monthly basis, decide what neighbourhood wide issue they would like to campaign and secure improvement on, and plan, monitor and move that campaign forward. And as membership continues to steadily build across the neighbourhood these meetings will become the democratic heart of the union in Castlemilk, where local membership decide their priorities, and eventually elects a committee of branch officers to be the local leadership of the union. 

If you want to find out more about any of Castlemilk Living Rent's events or activity, please get in touch with Living Rent's neighbourhood organiser for Castlemilk, James Roberts, on 07873233134 or [email protected] 

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