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Who are we?

Living Rent is Scotland’s tenants’ union.

We are a democratic organisation run by and for tenants.

  • We want homes for people, not for profit
  • To redress the power imbalance between landlords and tenants
  • Ensure that everyone has decent and affordable housing.
  • We believe in the collective power of tenants to come together to fight for their rights,
  • Use diverse tactics – including direct action when necessary – to achieve this.

We are not affiliated to any political party, but recognise the importance of influencing parties and politicians and holding them to account.

We have regular meetings in Edinburgh, Glasgow and are looking to set up branches accross the country. If you’re interested in getting involved please get in touch!

  • Latest from the blog

    Living Rent is recruiting a member defence coordinator for the East Coast!

    Living Rent is hiring! Join our expanding team of organisers to fight for housing that works for people. After a full-on year, we have seen the importance of people coming together and fighting for their rights. As Living Rent grows and expands, so have our member defence teams and we are excited to welcome on board another member defence coordinator, to support member defence teams in Edinburgh and across the East Coast to fight back for their rights. This is a fixed 12 months full time contract at Living Wage.    
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    Living Rent calls for “proper rent controls to protect Scotland’s tenants”

    Scotland’s tenants’ union calls for “proper rent controls to protect Scotland’s tenants” Living Rent, Scotland’s tenants’ union, has welcomed proposals to limit rent increases in private rented homes but cautioned that new measures need to go far enough in order to properly protect tenants. The proposed Fair Rents (Scotland) Bill, would cap annual rent increases to the “Consumer Price Index plus 1%” and allow private tenants to request a Rent Officer to determine a “fair open market rent” if they felt they were being overcharged. Responding to the consultation on the bill, Living Rent supported both measures but cautioned that the proposed limit on rent increases is too high. It adds that a one-size-fits-all approach will not be able to take into account local conditions, and called for local authorities to be able to set lower limits in their areas
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  • Upcoming events

    Glasgow Southside Member Defence Work sessions

    When: Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 06:00 PM

    As neighbourhood branches are being set up across Glasgow, the union is building and consolidating Member Defence Teams locally to fight and win improvements for our members. 
    Over the coming months, there will be fortnightly 1.5 hour long work sessions bringing together Member Defence Teams located in the Southside of Glasgow. These sessions aim to:
    • Provide support on ongoing cases 
    • Give MD teams time to discuss and plan next steps on ongoing cases
    If local Member Defence teams do not have any ongoing cases, these work sessions will be used for training and outreach. 
    If you are a Living Rent member who lives in the Southside of Glasgow, not in a branch but wanting to get involved in Member Defence work, get in touch and come along!
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    Southside Member Defence Work Sessions will take place at 6pm on the following days:
    Thursday 21st January
    Thursday 4th February
    Thursday 18th February
    Thursday 4th March
    Thursday 18th March
    Who's attending

    Deposits: How can tenants take control?

    When: Friday, January 22, 2021 at 06:00 PM

    A member-led training on deposits in the private rented sector. Large sums of money are stolen from our members and tenants across Scotland, in the form of deposit theft. How can tenants take control?

    Open to all members of the union.

    Date and time TBC

    Who's attending
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    Block by block, and street by street we are building Scotland's Tenants' Union.

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    People + Organisation = Power

    We believe that every tenant deserves safe, affordable housing – free from unjust rent increases, discrimination, and eviction. The only way for us to make sure this happens, is to get organised.

    We are bringing together people across the country to make sure that: (1) we can hold landlords, housing associations and letting agents to account; (2) we have a strong voice in shaping local and national policy; and (3) we have the power to stand up for our rights. We believe in the power of being a democratic and accountable organisation: this is why we operate on a membership model. 

    With the limited resources we have, our union does a tremendous amount, and it is people like you who make this possible. If you share our values, please join today! This helps us becomes financially sustainable and to be accountable to you.

    The suggested rate is 1 hour of your wages per month, however everyone's circumstances are different so we trust you to pick the right subscription rate for you.

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