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Who are we?

Living Rent is Scotland’s tenants’ union.

We are a democratic organisation run by and for tenants.

  • We want homes for people, not for profit
  • To redress the power imbalance between landlords and tenants
  • Ensure that everyone has decent and affordable housing.
  • We believe in the collective power of tenants to come together to fight for their rights,
  • Use diverse tactics – including direct action when necessary – to achieve this.

We are not affiliated to any political party, but recognise the importance of influencing parties and politicians and holding them to account.

We have regular meetings in Edinburgh, Glasgow and are looking to set up branches accross the country. If you’re interested in getting involved please get in touch!

  • Latest from the blog

    The news from Muirhouse - 6 blocks issue 3

    THREE YEARS HAVE PASSED since the Grenfell towering inferno claimed the lives of 72 tenants[...] ACTION BY the Muirhouse branch of Living Rent has succeeded in forcing City of Edinburgh Council to repair two defective fire doors in Oxcars Court. Only after Living Rent called the Fire Brigade, did online publicity and contacted councillors and managers did the Council finally act to secure residents’safety[...] We accuse Edinburgh City Council of endangering tenants’ lives by flaunting the fire safety regulations and failing to perform emergency repairs until being forced to do so by Living Rent and the Fire Brigade.THE FARCE OF THE BIRNIES lifts continues. For the three years since the Council took out lifts that worked perfectly well and replaced them with two that are constantly breaking down, Birnies tenants have had to do with one working lift at best, often with none at all. The complications of social distancing when 56 flats on 14 floors with over 100 residents are forced to use one small lift during a virus pandemic are dire, with a queue forming during busy times. It was heartwarming to see the behaviour of tenants, refusing to share the lift but letting others go before them[...] TRAPPED In Birnies one lift serves the evennumber floors, the other does the odds. They take turns at breaking down. But sometimes both conk out, leaving many tenants struggling. Says one Birnies tenant, 'I’m a pensioner on the 12th floor. Both lifts were out last week, I had 2 bags of shopping and my dog and they expect me to climb 12 floors. My legs are bad. I’m sick to death of these lifts - when they do work you get stuck in them. Yes, we’re definitely on lockdown with these lifts. It’s terrible what they are doing to folk living here.'READ ON
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    Report from our fourth Annual General Meeting (but first on Zoom!)

    Living Rent’s fourth proper Annual General Meeting on 18th July will hopefully go down in history as the only one held on Zoom. That said it was empowering to see over 60 of us gather to celebrate the past year and plan for further tenant power in Scotland.
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  • Upcoming events

    Member Induction Edinburgh

    When: Saturday, August 08, 2020 at 11:00 AM
    Where: on zoom

    Member Induction Edinburgh 

    Member by member Living Rent is growing stronger. If you have recently joined, looking to get more involved or want to understand the unions history, vision and structure better, come along to the member induction at 11am, sharp.
    Induction covers:
    - An introduction to Living Rent
    - The structure: branches, teams and roles
    - Getting involved and next steps
    Get to grips with the vision of the union, and be part of growing a successful mass membership organisation ran by tenants, for tenants.
    If you have any questions get in touch with host Sinéad McNulty McNulty, on +44 7593 128079 

    Outreach Training

    When: Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at 06:00 PM
    Where: on zoom

    Outreach Training 

    Outreach hasn't stopped and as lockdown eases we can't stop talking to tenants. If you want to be part of phonecalling or get skilled up for face to face outreach this training is for you .
    zoom link:
    Meeting ID: 940 5039 3020

    This training is an 1.5hrs and will cover:
    - Goals of outreach
    - The structure of a an organising conversations: how to listen, find issues and build solutions
    - Role plays and feedback
    - Tips
    - How to record data and follow up with members

    The training starts at 6pm sharp, so turn up 5 minutes early. If you can't make this training but would still like to come get in touch with the Edinburgh Organiser Sinéad McNulty
    If you are not a member join here: 
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    Block by block, and street by street we are building Scotland's Tenants' Union.

    But we can't do it without your support.

    People + Organisation = Power

    We believe that every tenant deserves safe, affordable housing – free from unjust rent increases, discrimination, and eviction. The only way for us to make sure this happens, is to get organised.

    We are bringing together people across the country to make sure that: (1) we can hold landlords, housing associations and letting agents to account; (2) we have a strong voice in shaping local and national policy; and (3) we have the power to stand up for our rights. We believe in the power of being a democratic and accountable organisation: this is why we operate on a membership model. 

    With the limited resources we have, our union does a tremendous amount, and it is people like you who make this possible. If you share our values, please join today! This helps us becomes financially sustainable and to be accountable to you.

    The suggested rate is 1 hour of your wages per month, however everyone's circumstances are different so we trust you to pick the right subscription rate for you.

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