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  • Jim Scanlon
    commented 2023-02-18 12:53:17 +0000
    Have you considered a campaign regarding homelessness in Edinburgh? There are hard facts available and freedom of information requests to the City Council will produce more information to create a city campaign.If your interested I’ll speak to you soon but I do have grave concerns over your light up the links campaign. You seem to want to create fear among park users at Leith Links when actually its a safe space. I may be biased having lived here for over 30 years looking directly out over the Links. Did you ask the police how many reports they’ve received? Nope didn’t think so but I have asked on your behalf. If you want to campaign you need facts. You need proof to back up your claims. However you seem to be trying,I hope unintentionally ,to create fear by targeting an age group who communicates with each other using social media and we all know where that can lead as one piece of misinformation can grow arms and leg as it’s shared. Creating and sharing misinformation can damage your own organisations credibility as people won’t trust what Living Rents say in future campaigns. I have always been told that you must check your source material and back up what you say with indisputable facts. And if you get it wrong be big enough to hold your hands up and say sorry I got it wrong. I hope we can meet soon to speak face to face and possibly have a small group walk about to open your eyes and then you can decide about a homeless campaign.
  • Jon Black
    published this page 2018-02-06 20:53:23 +0000