Contact Us

National office and contact:

Living Rent, 617, 12 South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1DD

General enquiries: email [email protected]
Membership, subscription and donation enquiries (such as help with joining, change of address or problems with payments): email [email protected]
Press: For national press enquiries, email [email protected]
Press: For local press enquiries, email relevant regional contact email (see below).

City based contacts:

Official address: 617, 12 South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1DD
Email: [email protected]
Facebook page

Office address: Office 3, 1st Floor, 153 Queen St, G1 3BJ
Email: [email protected]
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Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]
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Member Defence:

If you're inquiring about an issue with your tenancy, please be aware that Living Rent is a tenants' union and that we only have the resources to support our members at this point in time. You can join the union on a slide scale. Once you've joined the union, we can then provide you the help and support to improve your situation.

If you are a member and are having housing or landlord problems, get in touch here: [email protected] (West Coast) or [email protected] (East Coast).

See our member defence page for more information and if you wish to join a local member defence team.

Staff team contacts:

National Organiser: [email protected]
Jon: Operations Manager: [email protected]
Rufus: Comms / Press: [email protected]

City Organiser, [email protected]

Sonja: City Organiser: [email protected]
George: Community Organiser, Govanhill & Govan & Lanarkshire: [email protected]
James: Community Organiser, Knightswood & Castlemilk : [email protected]
Jack: Community Organiser for Dennistoun & Barrowfield: [email protected]

Kerri: Remote Organiser: [email protected]