Fairley St & Copland Rd Residents Collective Demands

Residents living between 53-71 Fairley St and 143 Copland Rd are united in demanding solutions to the serious issues within the building that they share. For several years, there has not been a functioning buzzer system, which has caused enormous inconvenience around deliveries and has even meant that ambulance crews have struggled to gain access during emergencies.

Leaks, water ingress, mould and dampness are rife throughout the building. These problems have caused health issues for residents and have damaged the belongings of residents. Factoring fees are unaffordably expensive and many property owners have been charged debt collection for debts which aren’t their own. Carpeting of the building’s staircases regularly comes loose and becomes a tripping hazard.

We, the undersigned, demand that James Gibb Residential Services commit to:

  • Bringing the buzzer system into working order for all properties in the building
  • Carrying out all necessary works to resolve the building’s problems with leaks, water ingress, mould and dampness
  • Ending the practice of charging debt collection fees to those not responsible for debts and to reduce the factoring fees to an affordable sum
  • Securing the staircase carpeting so that it does not regularly cause a tripping hazard
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  • George Lavery
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