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GHA Tenants Deserve Better!


We are Walid, Dee and Natalie, three Living Rent members living in Kinning Park, Knightswood and Blairdardie.

We have been severely let down by GHA's flawed repairs process, leaving us with homes that fall below decent standards for between ten months and two years. 

As well as seeking to get our individual repairs done, we are making the following reasonable demands of GHA:

1. That GHA launch a full review of their repairs process, in order to ensure that such situations do not happen again

2.That GHA appoints named members of management - on a neighbourhood level -  contactable by tenants and their representatives, who are accountable for the repairs process.

3. That tenants are given fixed timescales and time slots for required repairs, in a coherent and consistent manner throughout GHA properties. 

These demands are made in the knowledge that many other Living Rent members and their neighbours who are GHA tenants have also been let down by the flawed repairs process, and that if GHA implement the demands in full we will have secured improvement to the living conditions of tenants across the city. 

To ensure these demands are won, we need GHA tenants across Glasgow to sign in support of them, and to demand better with a collective voice! Sign below to support the demands, and attach a picture of any outstanding repairs which GHA haven't addressed.

Will you sign?

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