Since the beginning of the pandemic Glasgow Housing Association, owned by Wheatley Group, stopped essential close cleaning services whilst continuing to charge tenants for this service, through their rent.

As this pandemic has evolved, we have learned that ensuring appropriate sanitation is crucial to stopping the spread of the virus. Despite this, GHA did not resume this vital service when lockdown restrictions eased.

Residents of Wellpark, alongside residents across the east end of Glasgow have been let down by GHA. Only through tenants organising, coupled with press attention, did GHA engage with their tenants' concerns and restarted an irregular, sub-par cleaning service. With a second lockdown underway, sub-par is not good enough.


We, the undersigned, demand that GHA commit to;

1. carrying out a weekly cleaning service in their closes in the east end of the city,

2. supplying residents and tenants with a cleaning schedule of when their close is due to be cleaned.


This way, residents are kept safe, with clean closes during the second wave of the pandemic. Such practices are necessary and they will save lives.

Other housing associations have made the same commitment to their tenants, why can’t GHA?


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