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GHA tenants organise against rent hike!

On Thursday 25th March, Living Rent members went to the Wheatley Group fancy offices in the city centre with a clear message to Glasgow Housing Association: FREEZE RENTS NOW!

Organised in small neighbourhood groups, our members, GHA's tenants, who are angry at the rent increase which only 2% of 40,000 households have voted in favour of, walked from the Museum of Modern Art to Wheatley House with billboards displaying Wheatley CEO's face and his outrageous salary of £296k. 

Members also carried neighbourhood billboards, which they filled with testimony of the suffering GHA and Armstrong's greed has inflicted on them - here's a few from the 100 testimonies our members came armed with:

Marion, Glasgow South "Because we're in the middle of a pandemic with many people losing jobs.  Also the bigger rent increase they got fir last year wasn't used due to refusal of doing any repairs due to covid, so why is the rent going up AGAIN?"

Caroline, Knightswood "Rent increases cause struggles for all, not just people on universal credit. And with the amount of repairs that haven't been done during lockdowns surely there is enough money to start doing what needs done without increasing rent"

Kim, Dennistoun  "Pandemic, stagnant wages and poor service. GHA, get your finger out"

How can GHA justify a rent hike of 1.7% while paying Wheatley Group CEO, Martin Armstrong a staggering £296k salary? Why are so many GHA tenants expected to pay more while living in substandard homes? GHA TENANTS DESERVE BETTER!

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