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Govan Tenants Against the Rent Increase

This petition is for Govan Housing Association tenants. Signatures here will be added to the petition which has been taken from door to door when it is presented to Govan Housing Association.

Every year for more than a decade in Govan Housing Association rents have increased. In the last three years alone, rents have risen by 18% on average. Each year, the housing association sends out rent consultations which suggest increases of around 3% or 6% as the only possible options. Even the lower option is near double the current rate of inflation.

As wages stagnate and those in receipt of welfare are pushed by the universal credit system into rent arrears, these increases are unaffordable and unsustainable for us, tenants of Govan Housing Association. We demand that Govan Housing Association implement a rent freeze for the period 2020/21.

If as a tenant of Govan HA you support the demand for a rent freeze then sign the petition and join our public meeting on the rent increases on Saturday 21st March 1pm at the Pearce Institute.

Will you sign?