Knightswood Living Rent began life in August 2020, and we have been steadily growing in all parts of the G13 area since then. Most of our members at the moment are social tenants but we also have private tenant members, and we welcome anyone from either sector, as well as owner-occupiers!

In October 2020 we launched the 'Sort Our Minging Water Tanks' campaign. In the face of difficulties posed by the pandemic we got creative with how we reached out to tenants. By the end of November we had gathered 101 tenants names on a collective letter to Environmental Health demanding an inspection of the filthy water tanks in our homes, and that ignored repairs are addressed by GHA. And then we took ACTION! by plastering the local GHA office with pictures of the awful conditions GHA have let our homes in the Lincoln and Kirkton flats slip into. This got us a negotiation with GHA and local elected representatives, where we won a commitment to investigate the required repairs in the homes of all 101 tenants who signed the letter. 

And since forming as a group, we have won two member defence cases, one over rent harassment, and one over repairs.

We can't wait to get stuck into 2021, and already busy campaigning for NO RENT RISE in GHA's 2021 rent consultation! 

Our branch meetings are currently held in the first week of every month, and if you're a social or private tenants, or owner-occupier in G13, we want to hear from you!! 

You can get in touch with us via our Neighbourhood Organiser, James, on 07873233134, [email protected] or via his facebook profile

Join the branch today, and help us build Full Neighbourhood Power in Knightswood in 2021!