Know Your Rights (And Enforce 'em)

Online Member Defence session on knowing and enforcing our right to safe, secure, affordable housing.
Living Rent Member Defence teams fight and win on issues of eviction, arrears and disrepair everyday. They rely on the experience and time of Living Rent members in order to effectively defend housing rights.
Join this session to:
1) learn about current housing law,
2) help build a vision of where the law needs improved and
3) find out how you can support yourself and your neighbours
More details to follow.
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  • September 18, 2020 at 6:00pm – 7:30pm
  • Zoom
  • 31 people are going
  • Jack Hanington

Alex Hendrikson Seimi Rowan Hayden Carruthers Em Donnelly Jasmine Brogden Rob Bazaral Silas Lehane Vivek Santayana matilda alexander hallworth Linda Perry Emily Cunningham Fionn O'Shea Nick Werren John Woods Ashley Mclean Bethan Manton-Roseblade Mike Williamson Eve Brandon Adam Dransfield Tom Robinson Elle Glenny Rosie Hampton Jack Hanington

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