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Light Up Leith Links

We need light on Leith Links!
Public parks and green spaces are crucial for communities, and we have the right to a park that is safe and accessible for all, all year round. Whole stretches of pathway in Leith Links are completely unlit and although the Council has committed in its “
Leith Links Masterplan” to make improvements to the park over the next decade, as winter sets in, we need action now! 

Establishing good, environmentally-friendly lighting across all paths on Leith Links will:

  • Improve the accessibility of the park after nightfall - particularly for those with visual and physical impairments.
  • Allow local residents to feel safer when moving through the park at night.
  • Reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, for cyclists and pedestrians alike.

Join the call on Edinburgh Council to make Leith Links a safer, more accessible and inclusive public space, by introducing lighting across the whole park!.

Sign our petition to demand that Edinburgh Council improve the lighting on Leith Links before the winter sets in! 

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