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Muirhouse members speaking to their neighbours about poor repairs

Action Outside Pennywell Shops


Living Rent Muirhouse branch was founded in March 2018 and has already won victories by securing investment in the '6 Blocks', the high rise flats at the centre of the neighbourhood, holding the council to account over their disorganised repairs service and defending members against local rogue landlords.

Current campaigns include:

  • Pushing for Edinburgh Council to further improve its home repairs process, communications and service for council residents across the city
  • Member defence support for tenants with mould, damp, repairs issues and worse...
  • Ensuring that local people have a say in changes to the community including new build developments in the area

Do you live around the Muirhouse area and want to join with other neighbours who are determined to improve the neighbourhood? You can sign up as a member here


[email protected]

Facebook group:

visit here

Branch meetings:

At the moment, these have been suspended for lack of capacity but get in touch if you're facing issues in your home or want to push for change in the area!

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