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Not a penny on the rent - Become a neighbourhood volunteer today



We are not just individuals. We are tenants. There are over 300,000 of us in this city alone. And there is power in a union. 

Our tenants’ union is based on this fundamental, strategic fact. Whether in the private sector or in social housing, we are demonstrating in practice how tenants working together can change their reality. We are building a culture where mutual organising and support transform weakness into strength. It is not just what we do but how we do it that counts. Every time we defend a member of our union, that that member defends themselves, chaps doors, mobilises family, friends, neighbours, finds their voice or pushes back against the landlord who assumed they were powerless…that is worth a thousand cases won in secret, through backhanders, or tribunals, or charity, methods that all still assume this is an individual problem, and not a structural one. We want power, not charity. We are not a nice campaign doing nice things for nice people – we are a working class union that fights to improve our lives and the lives of those around us. (If some of us are also nice…well that’s a bonus!)

These new times require new tactics. We are pioneering them as we go, learning from every battle, and moving people to action.

This year we are launching a city wide campaign for a complete rent-freeze across the city. At a time with record wage stagnation and record high-rents, with benefit caps and changes to Universal Credit which will see over 80% of peoples income go directly to rent alone we cannot stand idly by.

Our volunteer organisers have identified 3 key area's in the city and will begin to build our presence and activity in those area's, if you would like to get involved with the campaign or help start one in your local area please fill out the form below and one of our organisers will be in touch with what we can do next.

Please include in the comments your Landlord or Housing Association.

Will you volunteer?

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    I signed up to volunteer for Living Rent. Join me!
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