Are you a tenant in the Partick area? Join the Partick branch of Living Rent. We are an independent tenants’ union with no ties to any political parties. We have members from across the private rented sector and social housing.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve been organising around issues of urban development, gentrification, hygiene, vermin, and housing quality in Partick. Our campaigns have always focused on the fight to make landlords accountable to their tenants. Find out more about what we got up to last year in our Partick Power newsletter.

In December, we launched as an official branch of Living Rent. Our membership is rapidly growing, and we’re carrying this momentum into an ambitious set of campaigns for the coming year. Get involved if you want to challenge rent rises, fight for rent controls, participate in community-led urban planning, fight gentrification, and help maintain decent quality housing in the area.

We meet every second week. For more details please contact our local organiser Nick Durie ([email protected]) who will put you in touch with a branch officer.