Partick Housing Association: 7% Rent Hike? What A Joke!

Following an inaccessible and poorly communicated rent consultation, over 1800 Partick Housing Association tenants will have a staggering 7% rent increase imposed on them in April. This comes at a time when tenants face steep increases in their utility bills, the price of food, and other costs of living.

In light of this Partick Living Rent members, who are tenants of PHA, have agreed on the following collective demands. Partick Living Rent members want you to put your name to the demands (ONLY IF YOU ARE A PHA TENANT) join the union, and organise to demand better from your landlord. 

Living Rent is also gathering testimony from PHA tenants on how they feel about the rent increase, the service that their landlord provides, and what they would like them to improve. Please leave this testimony in the comments section of the petition

  1. That PHA Lift the Veil on their 2022-23 Rent Consultation:
     -Of the 215 people consulted, exactly how many were PHA tenants?
    - Exactly how many PHA tenants supported the 7% rent increase? and
    - Why was the 2022-23 consultation open to non-PHA tenants?
    - Why was the rent hike pegged to CPI when this index excludes housing costs? 

  2. That PHA agree agree to an independent report into the transparency of the 2022-2023 rent consultation which answers the following questions:
    - Who is accountable for the decision not to offer three options on the consultation?
    - Who is accountable for the decision to allow non-PHA tenants to participate in the consultation?
    - Who is accountable for the failure to engage with more than 12% of the tenant body?

  3. That PHA ccommit to the following changes to their rent consultation process in 2023-24:
    - The return of three options to the rent consultation
    - One of the three options to be for a rent freeze
    - A minimum threshold to be established for the consultation to be acted on

  4. That PHA commit to  active, accessible, and visible engagement with tenants in the 2023-24 rent consultation. This must include:
    - Poster, phone and letter campaigns to build maximum engagement with both the rent consultation
    - Poster, phone and letter campaigns to build maximum engagement with the 2023-24 AGM.
    - The 2023-24 consultation period beginning in October 2023.
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