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Petition for GHA to Reopen Wellpark Community Hall!

Wellpark residents deserve better! The pandemic has caused massive disruption to our communities. Now the economic impacts are diminishing our quality of life even more. It’s vital that Wellpark residents have access to a place to socialise, exercise and get support with the stresses of life.

This is why GHA needs to.. Reopen Wellpark Community Hall!

While other community centres have reopened, Wellpark’s much loved community hall that used to be used for bingo nights, residents meetings and mother and toddlers groups, has been shut for over two years. GHA crank up the rent year on year, just to invest in unaffordable mid-market rent developments. Wellpark residents get left with nothing.

We, the undersigned, demand that GHA commit to:

  • Reopen Wellpark Community Hall by May
  • Ensure that the hall is properly funded 
  • Ensure that the hall is steered by Wellpark residents themselves

This would ensure that the Wellpark Community Hall is restored and managed by the people who love and need it most.

Add your name to the petition and answer four questions to tell GHA what you want to see done with the Wellpark Community Hall.

Do you want to see Wellpark Community Hall reopened?


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