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Scrap Student Flats, Leith Deserves Better!

Scrap student flats, Leith deserves better!

On the 10th of May, Living Rent Leith hosted a public meeting on the PBSA (Purpose Built Student Accommodation) development at Dalton Scrapyard in Duncan Place Community Hub with councilors, MSPs and local participating.  Councilors Susan Rae, Katrina Faccenda, and Jack Caldwell attended as did local MSP Ben Macpherson. During the event we held open discussions regarding the Dalton Scrapyard development, the experiences of students renting in PBSA, the need for social housing and the effects PBSA has on local infrastructure and services.

The townhall public meeting was an important milestone in the campaigning for a better alternative than PBSA on the Dalton site. The event was not only an opportunity to hold politicians accountable, but also to encourage an environment where the local community has a say in its own development. The voice of the people should never be ignored, especially on matters directly affecting them!
The event ended with all four elected officials backing our demands which were;
  1. Opposing the development of PBSA on Dalton Scrapyard
  2. A cap on the number of PBSAs built in Leith.
  3. A mandatory contribution to infrastructure from developers relative to the size of the development.
  4. A quota of 35% social housing quota for every development.


The public meeting was well attended, particular with non-members which was especially important as it meant that they had the opportunity to speak up on issues that matter to them. Together, we can put the power back into the hands of our communities and fight for a better Leith!

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