Public Housing Forgathering



This is the meeting link, if you're joining by a PC or smartphone.  If you are joining by landline, and you haven't done this before, get in touch with Nick Durie on 07904553200 

Time: Aug 29, 2020 11:00 AM London

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It is time for change in housing policies.  Every year in public housing, as in the private rented sector, rents rise above inflation.  The government has commited to building more "affordable" housing, but in reality public money has subsidised mid market rent homes, which are anything but affordable.  Since the glut of council house demolitions in the mid noughties very little has been done to replace the many tens of thousands of homes lost, and people languish on waiting lists for homes to become available.  While right to buy has officially ended, increasingly in housing schemes across the country bought houses, bought under right to buy, are being sold to institutional investors turning former public sector family homes into tools for profiteering landlords to extract as much rent as possible.  These processes are not inevitable, but to challenge them and fight for a better way we need as a tenant movement to have a coherent policy towards public housing in the council and social sectors.

On Saturday the 29th of August, 11AM - 1PM tenants are kickstarting that process.  If you are a social or council tenant we want to hear your experiences.  RSVP today.

We will send you details of the forgathering nearer the time, with a programme for our discussions.  Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic the forgathering will be online, but it is expected to be the first meeting of its kind to bring social and council tenants together to inform tenant movement policy, and the position of the Living Rent tenants union in over a decade.  Be there and help shape it.

Saturday the 29th of August, 11AM - 1PM

Some suggested reading, in advance of the forgathering for tenants: The Housing Context in Scotland - A personal view


  • Introductions and welcome (5 mins)

  • Living rent, where we are, but where we are going (5 mins)

  • Choose your workshop (5 mins)


(45 mins)

  1. The changing nature of our communities - is there a growing shift to the private sector in housing schemes?

  2. With tens of thousands of mostly public homes demolished over the past 20 years, can the Scottish Government's 'affordable housing' promises address this shortfall?

(45 mins)

  1. What are the long term impacts of "Council Housing Stock transfer"?

  2. How is housing governed in Scotland, in the era of the giant housing associations?  What can we do to take power?


Summing up - reflections (15mins)

  • August 29, 2020 at 11:00am – 2pm
  • Online
  • 29 people are going
  • Nick Durie

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Will you come?