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Living Rent publish tenants' manifesto 2020/21

Scotland needs homes. End housing insecurity.

Scotland has a shortage of genuinely affordable homes. With social housing sold off to buy to let landlords, vast swathes of it destroyed over the past decades and the remaining stock hidden behind unaccountable housing associations, our homes have become a precarious and uncertain environment.

Rent has continued to skyrocket in the social and private sector whilst wages have stagnated or fallen in real terms. This has forced many tenants into further housing insecurity. An insecure, unsafe, unaccountable housing system destroys what should be safe, secure, stable homes.

We call on you to join the fight to  end housing insecurity?

Our manifesto calls for
1. Undoing the damage of Thatcher’s right-to-buy by taking old right-to-buy properties back into public control
2. Prioritising
green, public and social housing in new developments, and at vacant land site, over massive, luxry for-profit projects.
3. Democratising housing associations and stopping them from railroading rent rises
4. Forcing landlords to improve the quality of Scotland’s housing, including through rent controls, refurbishment and high-quality repair
5. Bringing rents down to genuinely affordable levels - including through the reintroduction of rent controls

Scotland needs a major shift in its housing. Our manifesto for the Scottish elections in 2021 sets out how.

The pandemic has not brought new issues to the front but has rather acted as a stress test, revealing pre-existing fractures.
From putting their lives at risk as essential workers to facing financial collapse, working-class people are set to absorb the impact of economic disaster for the second time in a generation. The Holyrood elections in 2021 are a vital opportunity to rebuild for Scotland a fair, just, affordable housing system for all tenants.
Read our full manifesto: Living_Rent_Tenants'_Manifesto_2020_21.pdf

Listen to our member Gordon about why we need a change now:

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