Unfair Bills

We the undersigned believe factored owners bills are unfair.; we call on Lowther/Wheatley Group to
negotiate with the Wyndford Tenants Union.

* Bills need to be timeous—billing for work carried out nearly three years ago is wrong.
* Bills need to be itemised, with invoices available. We need to be able to assess whether work carried out by
contractors is reasonable and done for a fair price. The present system creates distrust, and fear of unmanageable bills.
* Owners need better notice so that all can participate in feu decisions. Wheatley needs to recognise landlords in feus
may not be notified by their tenants. Other access issues need to be taken on board for a fair process.
* Tenants need a say in works being carried out in their name: pitting tenants who get no say against owners is wrong.

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