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Join the union fighting for a society built, led by and organised for the people.


We power society and keep the wheels turning. It is us that creates our countries resources. But we do not control these resources or decide how they’re used.

Instead politicians, landlords, big companies, banks, unelected officials and international markets do. They use their power to profit from our basic needs.

Similar to a trade union, we are a mass-membership union of tenants, carers, workers and residents who organise with one another to fight for improvements to our daily lives and put power back where it belongs: in the hands of ordinary people. 

We know our current political system is failing us and we refuse to wait for politicians or charities to change things for the better. 

We will organise together across every aspect of our lives to win what we deserve.

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The problem with rent adjudication

March 22, 2024

In two weeks, on 1 April, the Scottish Government will end the 3% rent cap which supported tenants through the worst cost of living in a generation. They will replace it with an arcane system (‘rent adjudication’) which fails to address many of the...

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