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‘Concrete Soldiers’, Scottish premiere – anti-gentrification film screening

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Living Rent presents an afternoon of film screening, discussion and radical art workshops on the fight against social cleansing and gentrification in London and Glasgow today.

Join us on Saturday 19th May at Kinning Park Complex, 2-6pm (food and childcare provided).

We’ll start the afternoon with director Nikita Woolfe and activist, journalist Andy Worthington who will be in Glasgow to present their new grassroots documentary ‘Concrete Soldiers UK’. This film uncovers the scandal of the social cleansing of London’s council estates and focuses on the experiences of residents living on the Aylesbury Estate, Central Hill and Cressingham Gardens while also examining the criminal negligence behind the Grenfell Tower fire.

The film will be followed by a participatory discussion with Living Rent and Niki and Andy on how gentrification and social cleansing can be successfully fought, sharing common experiences between the struggles in London and Glasgow. We will also have a radical art workshop with Glasgow Art Group who have been active in community organising and housing.

Ahead of our film screening, Living Rent members had a group reading activity to discuss the complex issue of gentrification. What are the underlying causes of gentrification? Are hipsters the real problem? Is gentrification always a bad thing? Why can’t we decide what flats, pubs and parks we want in our neighbourhoods? How can we fight rent hikes brought about by gentrification?

Have a read through the article we discussed:

Come and share your ideas with us on the 19th!

Block by block, Street by Street, We’re building this Tenants’ Union!

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