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Support Our Communities in Sighthill/ Gorgie- Object to Student Developments

Members in the Gorgie Dalry branch have made a video around the impact of purpose-built student blocks in our local area and to ask council candidates to support our communities.

Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) is taking over Edinburgh. Not only is it unaffordable for the majority of students, but it takes up space we could use for actually affordable housing in our communities. This council election we are asking candidates in Sighthill/Gorgie to pledge to no more PBSA in our communities.

If you are in Sighthill Gorgie send this email to your councillors - Use this template by clicking here. 

No clear commitment 

[email protected] (Scottish Greens) 
[email protected] (Lib Dems) 
[email protected] (Scottish Conservatives) 

Commitments to object to future PBSA 
David Henry - Alba 
Ross McKenzie - Labour 

Ashley Graczyk - Independent 

Let us know what they respond by emailing [email protected]


Script used in the video 

Purpose Built Student Accommodation sounds like a good idea but in reality these accommodation blocks are unaffordable for most students, take up space we could use for affordable housing and are taking over Edinburgh. In Gorgie/Dalry alone, we have the 4th highest number of student beds, and over the past decade, planning permission has been obtained for over 1000 student units in total. During that same period, the local population has doubled, but only 85 affordable homes have been built. 

We need actually affordable housing for everyone in our communities rather than luxury blocks which are out of the price range of the majority of students. Everyone deserves better quality housing and to be able to live where we work, study and make roots. 

We have been campaigning against the proposed new development at the former Tynecastle High School as we believe this should be used for affordable housing, rather than expensive accommodation that students can’t afford.

We have been out in our community mobilising around the ‘New Deal for Tenants’ rent consultation from the Scottish Government, to campaign for rent controls, better quality accommodation and justice for tenants. Rent controls would help to improve affordability for students, and local residents.

Last year during COP26, we marched in support of better housing to help the planet. Building new, luxury accommodation that often sits empty will not help the planet.  

Housing justice is climate justice. 

Thats why, this council election, we are looking for candidates to pledge that no new purpose built student accommodation will be built in our area, so that residents can remain in our communities. We need local representatives who will take our voices into account and say no to PBSA. We need our representatives to support our residents. 

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