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All we want for Christmas is a winter break!

Ho Ho Ho! Santa’s broke, he can’t pay the rent, and he’s facing eviction!

Santa_action_photo.jpgLiving Rent members were out at St. Enoch’s Christmas market in Glasgow to stop Santa from being evicted on Saturday 16 December. Like thousands of tenants across the country, he’s facing the squeeze from landlords and staring at the prospect of Christmas without a home…We spoke to hundreds of people, hearing stories of friends and family members evicted, forced into temporary accommodation or struggling to make ends meet.

The action was part of a national Living Rent campaign for a ‘Winter Break’ on evictions in Scotland. Hundreds of flyers were distributed to raise awareness of the crisis, and dozens of letters filled out by members of the public demanding MSPs change the law to stop evictions in winter and end the scandal of the deaths of homeless people on our streets. The public gave generous donations to help Santa with the rent and build the tenants’ union he knows is going to make the difference…

Our renters’ choir rounded off the day with Jingle Bells, re-jigged for the struggle…’Winter’s here, Winter’s here, Winter’s here it’s freezing / Scotland needs a winter break so that no-one dies on the street.’

The response was overwhelmingly positive and we will continue in the new year to campaign for a winter break. All we want for Christmas is safe and affordable housing for all!

(Sign the petition if you haven’t already!)

Get organized and join Living Rent so that we make 2018 a year of struggle and of tenants’ victories!

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