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Castlemilk - Our Community, Our Say

Read the founding statement from Living Rent members in Castlemilk, as they work towards launching a local branch in the area.


Living Rent members in Castlemilk met on Saturday the 29th of June to discuss the possibility of launching a neighbourhood branch of the Union in their area. With a wealth of community organising and campaign experience in the room, it didn't take long for members to begin identifying issues that affect not only themselves but their friends, families and neighbours.

Drawing from Castlemilk's proud history, members went onto to explore why a local branch would be needed and how it would fight the issues previously identified and more. Highlighted below is the group's founding mission statement, which is being printed with plans to distribute to residents throughout the length of the Drive. The group wants to bring people together from across Housing Associations and those who rent privately to fight together as one voice.


Castlemilk - Our Community, Our Say

Are you struggling to get a decent house in your own area? Are you fed up with the lack of resources in Castlemilk? Have you noticed the devastating effect that isolation is having on the people in your community? 


We have joined an independent tenant’s union and started up a branch called Living Rent Castlemilk and we need you. We are not linked to any religious, political or charity groups and our main goal is building our community up to the standard we deserve.


We are famous in Castlemilk for our community spirit and we want to use that spirit to unite, take ownership of our area, and stand up for ourselves. 


We will demand: a shopping centre which is fit for purpose; that houses are built in Castlemilk which meet our needs; community spaces that we have control over, built and run for us, by us; introduction of a local bus fare; and no more threatening letters to tenants, intimidation or evictions. 


This isn’t going to simply be given to us, we will take back our community by joining together and fighting the issues that matter to us the most. For this we need you. Regardless of your current living situation we need you to get involved. Join the fight



If you would like to join the local branch in Castlemilk or find out more on how you can do something similar in your area please visit and email [email protected]

Members of the Union will be at the T in the 'Milk festival fundraiser this Saturday. The event has been put together by Women Against Capitalism


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  • Allan Marshall
    commented 2019-07-11 17:02:33 +0100
    About time. SO GOOD to see ordinary people standing up together for the benift of their community. BUT be aware of politicians trying to get involved and claiming the credit for what you can achieve, best wishes. Allan Marshall.