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WIN for Cleo and Kalyani in Gorgie/Dalry

Cleo and Kalyani had a leak in their flat which wasn't fixed for months, eventually leading to the ceiling collapsing. They provided updates and requested help from their letting agent (DJ Alexander) but their issues were not dealt with.

So they joined Living Rent to work to demand compensation for the months of stress they had endured in unfit accommodation. With the support of other members of the union they wrote emails and met with a representative from DJ Alexander but still were not listened to.
So... we took action! Together with other union members from their local members' defence group they went outside the offices of DJ Alexander with signs and some debris props. As a result the negotiation team secured a meeting that day where DJ Alexander agreed to compensate them the full amount they request of £2250!
When we come together to support each other as tenants we can achieve so much!
If you’re having issues with your rented accommodation or want to stand in solidarity with people who are, come along to your local members' defence group and join the union.

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