Open Letter to Martin Armstrong

Dear Mr Armstrong,

I am writing to state my opposition to Cube/Wheatley Group's plan to impose an across the board 3.4% rent increase on March 28th. The decision to contact you has been taken because I want you to open a negotiation with Wyndford Tenants Union and Broomhill Tenants Union on the matter.  

Your Managing Director at Cube, Laura Henderson, will not negotiate, despite widely demonstrated tenant disagreement with this above inflation rent rise.

Cube tenants have been treated with contempt throughout the consultation process. The paper survey did not give a clear option for rejecting the increase, and the online one was only accessible for a very short period. Despite having noticeboards in our blocks and squares, and many Housing Officers, they did not promote the consultation. Cube's comments in the press, and in their recent letter to tenants, said we were fully consulted. This is very different to our experience, and for Cube and Wheatley Group to insist the consultation was a democratic process is wrong. Since January we have collected over five hundred signatures from Cube tenants, clearly against the rent increase. This is 17% of all Cube’s tenants. We believe you owe it to us to come back to the table, listen to our concerns, and enter in to a serious negotiation. 


500 signatures

Will you sign?

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