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Wyndford Tenants Union - Nothing is too good for the Wyndford.


After months of working together in the Wyndford Housing Scheme Local members of Living Rent and Wyndford Residents Association met in March 2019 and agreed to merge and relaunch as Wyndford Tenant's Union a local Neighbourhood branch of Living Rent. You can read our founding statement here.

Following from this relaunch members of the Wyndford Tenants Union have spoke to thousands of our neighbours. We have explored the issues that matter to us most and discussed how we can collectively fight on them and win. One that has been proven to cause the most anger and frustration has been around the changes to the district heating system and increasing costs of bills.

We have held two meetings so far on this issue, one to identify the specific problems and possible solutions and a second when we have begun to plan out our campaign to win our demands.

Below is a copy of our petition which we will be taking round the scheme door to door collecting support and signatures, if you agree with our demands and would like to support and join the campaign please fill out the form below.

We as Tenants of Cube in the Wyndford demand a meeting with Cube Housing and SSE.

We believe the standing charge for the heating/hot water is wrong and that many tenants prefer a key meter, not quarterly bills and would like the option to choose.

We believe that tenants should be able to see the energy units being used and require more accountability and involvement on how these decisions are made.

We demand that Cube Housing and SSE meet with a delegation from the Wyndford Tenants Union to demand the above stated points.

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Alex McKechnie
Deborah Mclean
Ann Scanlan
Frank Martin
david cooke
Jennifer O'Neill
Gary McKay
Laura Jones
Richard Reid
Gillian Oliver
andrew mills
Sean Mcneill
Michael Steven
Pauline Mcclymont
Sean Baillie

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  • Alex McKechnie
    signed 2019-04-17 23:26:13 +0100
  • Deborah Mclean
    signed 2019-04-17 10:48:20 +0100
  • Ann Scanlan
    signed 2019-04-16 13:10:02 +0100
    Ann Scanlan
  • Frank Martin
    signed 2019-04-14 20:23:44 +0100
  • david cooke
    signed 2019-04-14 18:35:59 +0100
    david cooke
  • Jennifer O'Neill
    signed 2019-04-14 15:52:28 +0100
  • Gary McKay
    signed 2019-04-14 15:31:13 +0100
  • Laura Jones
    signed 2019-04-14 15:12:57 +0100
    I am outraged and I cannot believe that SSE or CUBE have acted legally. Disgusting.
  • Richard Reid
    signed 2019-04-14 14:46:06 +0100
  • Gillian Oliver
    signed 2019-04-14 13:44:24 +0100
    The standing charge should have never been there in the first place. Forcing potentially vulnerable people into fuel poverty. Hang your heads in shame SSE.
  • andrew mills
    signed 2019-04-14 13:33:05 +0100
  • Sean Mcneill
    signed 2019-04-14 13:29:57 +0100
  • Michael Steven
    followed this page 2019-04-14 13:08:49 +0100
  • Michael Steven
    signed 2019-04-14 13:07:03 +0100
    Michael Steven
  • Pauline Mcclymont
    signed 2019-04-14 02:32:02 +0100
  • Sean Baillie
    @SMBAILLIE tweeted link to this page. 2019-04-12 16:30:55 +0100
  • Sean Baillie
    signed 2019-04-12 16:30:41 +0100