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Cutting the issue

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As a union, one of our core goals is to develop strategic, targeted and feasible campaign plans. 

This training session will first cover how to develop effective demands, or ‘issues’, thinking through the range of ways one can solve the problems that members confront and how to prioritise these solutions over time. 

A second training (Saturday 7 November, 11-12.30pm) will explore how to strategise around planning a campaign to win the selected demands, with a particular focus on ‘power-mapping’, that is mapping the different allies you can seek to strengthen your campaigns as well as understanding your target. 

This training aims to provide an introduction to effective campaigning for all members of the union and anyone else interested in campaigning for their rights.

In this first training, you will practice:

  •   Brainstorming the multiple causes and solutions to a problem
  •   ‘Cutting the issue’

In the second training, you will practice:

  •   Planning a strategy
  •   Power mapping
  •   Analysing the interests, leverage and identity of your target

Thorough planning and strategising is the first step in running effective campaigns and it takes practice, more practice and more practice. It takes tools and ‘software’ to ask the right questions and make informed decisions, and these two sessions will introduce such tools for you to bring to any of the next campaigns that you will take on in Living Rent!

Come to the meeting a few minutes early, so we can start sharp!

This training is part of Living Rent’s training program supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Foundation, you can see the next training sessions on the website.

October 31, 2020 at 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Online - Zoom
Sonja Coquelin ·
George Lavery Muireann Crowley Chris Jardine Rosie Hampton Aimee Ottroh Tom Robinson Oliver Goulden Flo Cairns

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