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Deliver the Petition - GHA house the Smart Family

Deliver the petition - GHA house the Smart Family

Join Living Rent members as we deliver the petition in support of the Smart Family, who have been stuck in unsuitable homelesss accommodation since last year to Glasgow's biggest 'Social Landlord' GHA. 

After meeting with the city's homeless casework team and securing a much improved agreement from the service managers we are now forced to turn attention on the city's social landlords. 


We have received some shocking reports around how GHA handles homeless applications, we will be requesting clarity on these issue's and reiterating the request that all is done to ensure the permanent housing of our members.

Join us on Tuesday the 27th of March at 11:30am in George Square Glasgow to deliver this petition and hold a stall outside their main office focussing on our campaign for a Winter Break.

Click Going on our Facebook event here.

We believe the situation our members are facing could easily have been avoided had a Winter Break been in place. 

Read more about our campaign to help the Smart family here.

Read more about our campaign for a Winter Break.

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