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Planning a direct action

Within Living Rent, we believe that often direct action is the best way to get our targets to sit down and negotiate with us the demands that we put forward. 

Come to this training to practice how to plan a direct action for it to be fun, creative, tactical and empowering. This training aims to provide an introduction to planning a non-violent direct action for all members of the union and anyone else interested in seeing how to use this tactic to protect and further their rights.

In this training, you will

  •   Understand why Living Rent uses non-violent direct actions and towards which goals
  •   Brainstorming different ways to build the ‘symbolic’ narrative for a direct action
  •   Evaluate which direct action is most relevant to achieve your goals
  •   Go through check-lists to effectively plan an action

Direct action is what gets the goods. Come here to see how to put that in practice for member defence or branch campaigns and leave feeling excited for planning more and more direct actions to protect members’ rights and achieve our demands!

Come to the meeting a few minutes early, so we can start sharp!

This training is part of Living Rent’s training program supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Foundation, you can see the next training sessions on the website.

November 14, 2020 at 3:00pm - 4:30pm
Online - Zoom
Jack Hanington ·
Michael Drax Bryce Goodall Rosie Hampton Ruaraidh Dempster Lilidh Jack Frances Stojilkovic Stuart Bretherton Jamie Rodney Muireann Crowley Sean Desjardins Nikki Barnett

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