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From Glasgow to Dublin: Stop evictions

Living Rent wishes to send a message of solidarity to those protesting in Ireland today. 

Today there has been a day of action over the housing crisis and all across the island massive crowds have mobilised to demand change.

Recently in Dublin there have been a series of occupations which have used direct action to bring attention to the huge quantity of properties sitting empty as Irish citizens have struggled to find decent, affordable housing.The rallies today which have taken place in a host of different cities have vocally condemned a system which is bringing great profit to a select few by crushing the vast majority of people with rent at sky high levels.

Members of Living Rent, Scotland's Tenants Union, wished to send a message of solidarity to the protesters across the water and to join their voice with theirs in demanding reform. Here in Scotland too the same pressures are destroying communities and forcing many into dire financial straits.

The issue is an international one but in countries across the world people have had enough and are showing that with collective action we can help one another and end an exploitative system which is built for profit of a tiny minority and works to the detriment of everybody else.



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