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Block by Block: Building Tenant Power

Block by block, street by street, Living Rent is building the base for tenant power in Glasgow. Join us for our first Annual General Meeting since our founding in 2017 and become part of the fastest growing union in the country!

Living Rent AGM 2018 - Saturday 13th October, 12-4pm @ The Pierce Institute (840-860 Govan Rd, Glasgow G51 3UU)

In little over 18 months, we have organised hundreds of renters into our union and started to shift the balance of power in a broken housing system rigged in the interests of landlords. From winning back tens of thousands of pounds in repairs, deposits and illegal fees for our members, to mobilising against evictions, homelessness and rent increases, we have shown the power renters have in this city. Whether in the private sector or in social housing, using direct action, campaigning or lobbying, we have fought and won against injustice wherever we have found it. This is only the start.

Our AGM will set out our vision for building neighbourhood power in the year ahead. We believe that the right to safe, decent, affordable housing for all can only be won by organising from the ground up, and that working class communities hold the key. In tenement blocks, high rises and schemes across the city, thousands of people are already engaged in the day-to-day struggle to survive and defend their neighbourhoods from rising rents, unsafe conditions and under investment. How can we bring these endless daily struggles together and secure real change? We say: there’s power in a union!

Living Rent is a democratic, grassroots union and this meeting is a chance for all members to have their voice heard and to come together to recognise our own strength. Street by street, block by block – it’s time to take back what’s ours!

Secure your AGM tickets here, and help shape the year ahead of Living Rent in Glasgow

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More details to be announced shortly!

As always, food and childcare will be provided.

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