Petition for Greater Investment from Glasgow City Council for Govanhill Cleansing Services

Too many streets and backcourts across Govanhill regularly become unsanitary and even hazardous. Years of budget cuts to cleansing services from Glasgow City Council have left them unfit to live and work around. The residents and cleansing workers of Govanhill stand together in our demand that Glasgow City Council increase their investment in cleansing services in the area.

We call for:

  1. An enhanced cleansing service involving a backcourt team to supplement the existing cleansing workforce. This team would be responsible for the cleansing of the entire backcourts rather than just the bin sets and bulk uplift items. This work was once done as part of the general cleansing service and the severity of the current situation calls for it to be brought back.
  2. Greater enforcement to crack down on flytipping and litter in the area
  3. A more targeted education programme on recycling and waste, including educational materials translated for those with English as their second language
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