Home Group: 500% Service Charge Hike in Castlemilk is a Disgrace

Are you a tenant of Home Group living in Castlemilk? Your neighbours have joined Living Rent and are organising to demand a negotiation on the appalling 500% service charge increase that your landlord imposed on April 1st this year. We are asking you to sign our collective demand that management meet with us, answer our reasonable questions and renegotiate what is a reasonable service charge for tenants to pay.

Castlemilk Living Rent Members - Home Group's Tenants


Dear Audrey Simpson, Karen Wolstencroft and William Mulheron,

We are writing to you in your capacity as Director of Home Group, as your tenants, in regard to the 500% increase in service charges that we - residents of Cressdale Drive, Avenue and Court, Birgidale Terrace and Road and Downcraig Road - have found ourselves faced with as of April 1st 2024.

Firstly, we have a number of questions:

1. During our 2022 campaign for a rebate on the services not provided by your contractors Tivoli during 2020-22, your maintenance contractor manager William Mulheron cleared stated on 18/05/22  “grounds maintenance has been below standard across the country, which is why we are putting the contract out to tender” As such, we would like to know how is it that Tivoli have once again been awarded the contract?

2. In light of Tivoli being awarded the contract again, we would like to know what measures are being put in place by Home Group to monitor the contract and ensure that work is taking place?

Secondly, we make the following reasonable demand of Home Group:

- In light of work promised in our 2022 campaign not being completed, Tivoli being re-awarded the maintenance contract, and your tenant body being united in agreement that the 500% service charge increase is unaffordable for us, we would like to meet with yourself, Karen Wolstencroft, William Mulheron and a member of Tivoli management to discuss your answers to the above questions, and negotiate a realistic level of service charge payable by tenants going forward.


Your Tenants

Will you sign?

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