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Introducing Living Rent’s First Staff Member

Daily.jpgLiving Rent is proud to be an example of what people can achieve by working together. All our victories to date have been possible because of volunteers who have decided to knock on doors, engage the public, and put pressure on those with power to make change happen.

While our active members will always be vital for our success, we have reached a significant and exciting milestone as a union. We are delighted to announce that we have hired our first staff member, Sean Baillie, whose primary focus will be on organising tenants and growing our movement.

Sean's wealth of organising experience, alongside his enthusiasm for Living Rent, set him apart from an already impressive bunch of applicants, and made him a natural fit for the role of organiser. Since completing his training, he has wasted no time getting to work, facilitating our Glasgow picket against Santander’s Buy to Let mortgages, as part of a national day of action with our sister organisation ACORN.

We are all thrilled to welcome Sean, and to see our tenants’ union grow ever stronger. All of this makes it an especially exciting time to get involved with Living Rent, so come along to one of your local meetings and get active! For more information, please get in touch at or find your local branch on Facebook.

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