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Keep yer Paws aff the Shaws!

Keep yer Paws aff the Shaws!

Read the mission statement from the growing branch of Living Rent in Pollokshaws as they move forward to the next stage of their organising drive.

Pollokshaws Tenants Union - Keep yer Paws aff the Shaws!

Are you confused by what’s been happening to Pollokshaws?

For nearly 20 years the authorities have dictated big changes in our neighbourhood. So-called “regeneration” has caused mass demolition, leaving big areas of vacant and derelict land, run-down, neglected and abandoned buildings, huge loss of shops and services, and more importantly deep divisions and losses within our “community”. And what’s more, none of us know what is coming next!

We demand the people of Pollokshaws have their neighbourhood returned to its once thriving and proud place!  We demand more social housing! We demand our say in what happens in our area! We say to the dictating authorities - KEEP YER PAWS AFF THE SHAWS!

Do you want a strong and neighbourly community?

The erosion of shops and services, lack of places to meet and socialise, and the displacement of hundreds of families and neighbours over the past 10 years or so, has taken the heart out of Pollokshaws. Physical and mental health is declining fast, while social-isolation, loneliness, and other problems are escalating even faster.

We want to re-establish our once strong network of friends, families, and neighbours and getting ourselves back to feeling part of a community!

Do our housing officers and landlords take proper measures to ensure we are healthy, happy, safe, and secure in our homes?  Are you sick of being ignored?

We are fed up hearing stories about housing officers and landlords who do not listen to issues we have in and around our homes. From damp, to bad repairs, to poor fire-safety, to anti-social behaviour, to the neglect of tenants’ welfare, to being ignored or dismissed when issues are raised - and all of this while rents continue to rise! We do not have confidence in those whose job it is to ensure that our houses are our homes, and that tenants can depend on their housing officers and landlords for support. 

We demand the respect we deserve! We demand homes fit for purpose! We demand fair rents! We demand sustainable tenancies! We demand a greater say in what happens in our homes, landings, closes, public areas … and our neighbourhood! We demand to be heard!

We want to speak to everyone in the area, to talk together to fight for what matters with strength. We are organised, determined and have the backing of a national union. Stand with us together against the landlord, factor, debt collector and fight for the things that matter to all of us.

Join Pollokshaws Tenants Union today.


To join the Pollokshaws Tenants Union visit our online sign up here:


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