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Member defence

A key way we support one another is through member defence.

Across our cities, teams of members work with one another to secure improvements to their housing situations using direct collective action. This means members are at the forefront of fighting to address their own issues, protect themselves and their neighbourhoods.

We aren’t trained lawyers, but we have built expertise through our own experiences as renters and by working with each other to defend our right to a good, secure, affordable home. And we win! Over the years we have won thousands in compensation, stopped evictions, resisted rent hikes and won thousands of pounds worth of repairs.

 If you have an issue with your landlord or housing provider or want to support those that do.

  1. Join up as a member today. We are a union and issues are addressed by members working collectively on solutions so your first step needs to be to join the union. Once you've joined the union, we can then provide you the help and support to improve your situation. 
  2. Contact your local branch via the details of your local organiser. Contact details are available here. If you are in Glasgow and don't have a local branch contact Levi Mitchell, your local member defence coordinator on [email protected]. If you are in Edinburgh and don't have a local branch contact Izzi Brannen, your local member defence coordinator on [email protected]. If you live elsewhere and do not have a branch contact [email protected].
  3. And then come along to your local member defence meeting. Our member defence sessions are where members come together to collectively resolve housing issues. Meetings are open to anyone with housing issues or who wants to work with others to win real changes.

If you have had a rent hike, challenge it using this website we have made and then join your local member defence meeting to join others in fighting their rent increases.

Living Rent Member Defence teams cannot support with every case and they may signpost to other organisations. Teams mostly address:

  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Unjust charges, fees or deposit theft
  • Eviction
  • Harassment
  • Rent increases
  • Unfair service charges

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