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Member Defence

As members of Living Rent, one of the key ways we support each other is through Member Defence. In each branch, Member Defence Teams work with members to secure improvements to their housing situations using direct collective action. We aren’t trained lawyers, but we have built expertise through our own experiences as renters and by working with each other to address various housing issues and to defend their own and their neighbour's right to a good, secure, affordable home. This means that members are at the forefront of fighting to address their own issues, protect themselves and their neighbourhoods.

Using direct collective action, member defence teams across the country have resisted evictions, won tens of thousands of pounds worth of repairs, rent reductions and compensation for our members. We have shown the power of an organised movement, fighting for people's rights.


Picketing Infiniti Properties in support of a member (left) and taking Harvey's Lets to Cleaners (right)
Outsideinfiniti.jpgTaking Harvey's to the Cleaners


Have you had an issue with your landlord or housing provider?

  1. Join up as a member today

  2. Email your local organiser, including the neighbourhood where you live and the problem you're facing. They will put you in touch with your local member defence representatives, if there are ones in your area and they will be in touch.

Your local member defence teams:

There are member defence teams in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife and neighbourhood teams in the Wyndford, Knightswood, Shawlands, Pollokshields, Govanhill, Govan, Dennistoun, Partick, Finnieston, Leith, Muirhouse and Gorgie/Dalry. What the member-led teams do:

  • Sign-post to professional advice and support 

  • Support members in researching, planning and executing campaigns to secure improvements to their housing situation

  • Use diverse tactics to pressure landlords and housing providers to fight for members' demands

Living Rent Member Defence teams cannot support with every case and they may signpost to other organisations. Member defence teams mostly address:

  • Repairs and maintenance

  • Unjust charges, fees or deposit theft

  • Eviction

  • Harassment

  • Rent reductions

  • Unfair service charges


The union is only as strong as its members. Join and get involved today!

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